Death of Judith Mason

It is with great sadness that the Constitutional Court Art Collection and Trust have learnt of the death of our beloved signature artist, Judith Mason.
Judith created the keynote art piece of the Court's collection 'The Blue Dress'.  It commemorates a little-acknowledged narrative of female MK soldiers. Through her vivid, empathetic and strikingly original interpretation, Judith's artwork expressed profound empathy for the strength and vulnerability of the female figure in our country's struggle for freedom.  The piece became the internationally acclaimed, iconic centrepiece of the entire collection. 
Barely three months ago, on 11 October 2016, Judith visited the Court with her daughter Petra.  Justice Edwin Cameron warmly and gratefully received her, on behalf of the Artworks Committee and Trust, the law clerks and court staff. 
She wrote afterwards, describing the occasion as "very delightful”, remarking on the "beautiful, gleaming-with-intelligence" law clerks. 
Judith previously spoke of the importance of the Court and its work to her life and to her art.  She described the Court as "the safest place I know".
The Court keenly regrets the loss of this profoundly humane, creative, and deeply visionary artist.  We extend our condolences to the family and to Judith's loved ones.
Hamba Kahle Qhawe lama Qhawe.
We thank you for your selfless lessons on this earth and your profound contributions to our constitutional legacy.