African law clerks exchange

The African Clerks Programme was aimed at promoting constitutionalism and sharing the South African experience with neighbouring countries and further abroad. Between July 2007 and December 2009 the Trust employed four clerks from neighbouring countries on contracts of varied duration. One of these came from Swaziland, two from Zimbabwe and one from Kenya.

Funds provided by the Flemish Government were fully expended by December 2009 and there were no activities until 2014. 

The new African law clerks exchange program will see four officers employed and nominated by the Kenyan judiciary, or civil society groups involved in human rights advocacy in Kenya, hosted at the Constitutional Court in Braamfontein, and four South African law clerks who have completed their terms at the Court, taking up reciprocal positions in Kenya.

Inbound officers will be employed as law clerks and share in all the responsibilities and opportunities offered to clerks of the Constitutional Court of South Africa. This involves active participation in researching jurisprudence, hearings of the Court, deliberations, and the writing of judgments.

This programme will form part of the broader initiative currently underway in support of constitutionalism and human rights in Kenya, and aimed at providing some of the skills and experience necessary for the success of constitutional democracy in that land.

This new programme has been funded by the Ford Foundation.